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Parallels AutoCAD mouse doesn't respond appropriately

bennett 3 months ago • updated 3 days ago 7

When remote-ing into a clients machine, if they're using a Mac running Parallels for AutoCAD, if they start the remote session on the Mac side we lose mouse input within AutoCAD. I've been able to replicate this behavior 100% of the time moving between ~6 different machines and configurations. It's always present connecting to a mac, going into parallels and AutoCAD.

If the client starts the remote session from the Windows side, mouse movement in AutoCAD works normally. 

Under review

ScreenConnect Client restarts my Windows 10

JBa2U 3 days ago 0

Event Viewer is showing that ScreenConnect Client " Application SID does not match Conductor SID.." , "Machine restart is required.", "Starting session 0 - ‎2018‎-‎01‎-‎19T17:28:55.832468100Z." X 2, "Shutting down application or service 'ScreenConnect Client (45499a6d9d909c0b)'." and "Product: ScreenConnect Client (45499a6d9d909c0b) -- Removal completed successfully."

Then my computer simply shuts down without any notice!


"Share My Desktop" option crashes on 6.4.15002.6500

David S. 3 months ago • updated by Tim W 4 days ago 8

"Share My Desktop" option crashes on 6.4.15002.6500

it just crashes my remote connection and I need to reopen it.

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Moving mouse on screen logs computer out

Loudsy 4 months ago • updated by Charles Bragg 4 days ago 3

In the last 2-3 weeks, we've found that with certain computers across multiple clients, when we connect and move the mouse even 1 pixel on screen, it takes the user to their login screen. Anyone heard of this? Happens on multiple hosts as well. 

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When switching users on CentOS Linux Client via Windows Host, an infinite number of "Upload Folder" dialogs open

David116 6 days ago • updated 6 days ago 2

When accessing a Linux Client running CentOS 7 and ConnectWiseControl version 6.4.15787.6556 installed from the RPM installer, using a Windows 10 Host running client version 6.4.15787.6556, if you use the "Switch Users" function from the login screen, the viewer goes black and attempts to open an infinite number of "Send Folder" dialogs.  

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Headless Linux Black Screen

Craig Kibodeaux 3 months ago • updated by Ben Burner 6 days ago 4

Trying the new headless Linux feature, and maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I connect to the client all I receive is a black screen.

Under review

Web.Config Extension on v6.5 beta

Craig Kibodeaux 2 weeks ago • updated by Ben Burner 2 weeks ago 4

Clean install of version 6.5.16003.6579 on Ubuntu Server 16.04. No modifications. Went to marketplace and added Web.Config v2.2.2. Extension status page showing extension grayed out and has a status of "Load Error"

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trigger with http action and filter and complex body fails on 6.4.15787.6556

shawnkhall 3 weeks ago • updated by Ben Burner 2 weeks ago 3

After installing 6.4.15787.6556 my triggers that used HTTP actions and have complex bodies and filters no longer fire.

Triggers with email, and generic triggers with HTTP actions without complex bodies and filters continue to work, however. This is detailed further here.


Could not load type 'System.Security.Claims.ClaimsIdentity' from assembly 'ScreenConnect.Server'.

Poynter 2 weeks ago • updated by Ben Burner 2 weeks ago 1

New install on a Linux machine. v 6.4.15787.6556

Settings Editor Ext. installed Version: 1.0.603.1

When I edit server/client confiiguration error: 

Could not load type 'System.Security.Claims.ClaimsIdentity' from assembly 'ScreenConnect.Server'.

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Mouse click is not detected in Android WebView

eliamyro 3 weeks ago • updated 2 weeks ago 2


I have developed an Android application that uses a WebView for displaying a web page.

When I connect from a PC to the Android device running the application and try to interact with the web page the mouse clicks are not detected. The interesting thing is that the hover events are detected. Can I know if there is a possible solution regarding this problem?

Thank you