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Under Review

view pending removal status

ddralus 1 month ago • updated by Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) 1 hour ago 1

I've noticed that once an offline agent is set for uninstall and end, the screen will briefly show that status (queued for . . . ) but that disappears after a page refresh. It would be helpful to see that status on subsequent page views. It would also be helpful to be able to filter a list based on that status. 


Add a video player to stream extended auditing videos instead of downloading

Mike Bannerman 2 years ago • updated by Brandon Alexander 16 hours ago 9

Partner request is to provide an option to stream videos directly from the ScreenConnect server vs. downloading the files.

Pending Review

run screen sonncet as a system service pre remote session

Douglas Westervelt 3 days ago • updated 19 hours ago 2

We are currently using LogMeIn as our primary tool to assist remotely.

Currently we have minimal user intervention needed to elevate our remote session as a system service. Before we actually connect to the user's PC we are prompted for the admin credentials to run LogMeIn as a system service.  

This is important because it requires the least amount of user intervention. We are an MSP that operate over multiple environments and platforms. So each computer could have unique settings applies. Most of our customer base is not an administrator by default.

Currently we are having unpredictable results using screen connect. Sometimes to elevate the session the password box does not appear to elevate. Sometimes there is a UAC window that pops up and the client may need to acknowledge to move forward. Currently we do not experience any of these issues using LogMeIn. It would be nice if we can automatically put in the local or domain admin credentials setting up the remote session and the ability to run as a system service. This would give the engineer much more predictable results with less user intervention.  

Pending Review

Aspect ratio

bsmith8766 4 weeks ago • updated by Connectwise Control PM 22 hours ago 1

iphone 10 screen not supported with screenconnect app


Full Control of Samsung Galaxy Tablets

jmontag 2 weeks ago • updated by Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) 22 hours ago 7

I downloaded both APK files that are listed on the screenconnect.com/download page. Neither file let me fully control a Samsung tablet. I could see the screen and tab through apps but my mouse clicks wouldn't work. Is there something I need to do to get my mouse clicks to work? Thanks!


add a setting to ScreenConnect server that allows you to specify the startup type for the ScreenConnect client service for installed clients

Ryan 2 years ago • updated by Connectwise Control PM 23 hours ago 4

so, you can have a web.config setting that designates if you want to change the service to Automatic, Automatic (Delayed), or Disabled.

Pending Review

Command Toolbox output enhancement

cps 1 day ago 0

I love the Command Toolbox extension, however I suggest a couple of enhancements to make it even better and more powerful.

Right now when a command is run from the Command Toolbox, the command is issued via the Commands tab and the output is directed there, although the view is set back to the Start tab. This is fine for an occasional one-off command, but really quite awkward for intensive regular use.

Request #1: When a command is issued from Command Toolbox for a single selected computer, direct the output (or a copy of the output) to a pop-up window.

Request #2: When a command is issued from Command Toolbox for a multi-computer selection, pipe the output from each computer to a log file, then pop up a window and display the combined results (or optionally save the resulting log to some accessible location for future viewing, or email it to a designated email address).

For example, suppose I have a command to show the local IP address as follows:

Command Name:  Show Local IP

Command: ipconfig | findstr "IPv4"

Now suppose I select 100 computers and then run this command on the selected group. As it stands now, I have to individually click on the Commands tab for each of the 100 computers, one at a time, to see the result, and if I want to analyze the results as a group I need to copy / paste each output into a file, or write it down on paper, or some similarly ugly approach.

On the other hand, with Request #2 above, the output for each computer would be piped and appended to some log file, e.g.,








and upon completion, a pop-up window displays the content of the log file, or emails it to the tech who issued the command.

Pending Review

Display more active connection information: LAN + wi-fi

shawnkhall 1 day ago 0

Request: Display additional device active internet connection information on "General" tab near "Network Address":

   LAN: LAN or connection name (wmic.exe nic where "NetConnectionStatus=2" get NetConnectionID)

   Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi SSID (Netsh WLAN show interfaces)

  Local IP: <local IP address>


customize browser tab to remove/change from "Connectwise Control Remote"

mjgouldini 2 weeks ago • updated 1 day ago 2

I would prefer to see my company information in the tab of a session, NOT Connectwise.



To change the name that appears on your browser's tab you must locate and edit the Page.Title resource on the Appearance page

Pending Review

Add an extension template to insert a CLI command into Host menu

cps 3 days ago 0

Right now there is a great extension called Command Toolbox that inserts a host-side menu item "Command Toolbox" and when that is selected, a dialog box appears and allows you to select from a
drop-down list of up to 10 CLI commands to be issued to the selected client computers. This is great for commands that are not used too frequently, however there are other cases of frequently used commands where this process is a little tedious.

Simple example: it is fairly common to want to issue a restart command to one or a group of
selected computers. I would like to have a menu item called "Restart" which maps to the CLI command "shutdown -r". Having this directly in the menu would save three steps versus using Command Toolbox.

If there were an extension that implements this, it would then be trivial to clone that extension and edit it for a different menu item / command, as needed.

Even better would be the ability to stick such a command in the toolbar (one less click to access it), but I'm not sure if that's even possible with the API as it currently exists.