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Under Review

Be able to apply app.config settings per session group

Steven 2 years ago • updated by wberger 5 hours ago 24

Be able to apply App.Config files or settings based on the Session Group(s) a computer is in.


Considering for Future Release

Command Quit occurs for both remote session and also ScreenConnect App

Kent 2 years ago • updated by Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) yesterday at 7:17 a.m. 11

When you are connected to a remote client and type 'Command + Q' to quit the app they are in - it quit's the app :) but, it also quits the ScreenConnect App as well.

Can we change the "'File Menu → Quit command + Q" for the Screen Connect App - so that when you are controlling a remote client (who is also on Mac, though not important), there's no Command + Q option (or, change it to command + shift + Q option).


Pending Review

Block Touch Screen input on Client Device when Blocking Guest Input

Stephen Bowden yesterday at 6:53 a.m. • updated yesterday at 6:56 a.m. 0

When blocking Guest Input - Keyboard and Mouse, if the device has a touch screen the Guest can still interact using the touch screen.  Would it be possible to investigate if the Touchscreen input can be disabled as well ?


Upgrades to Host Pass

Michael Bannerman 2 years ago • updated by Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) yesterday at 6:36 a.m. 20

Parneters would like additional options for the host pass feature. Capturing suggestions in this ticket.

1. Expand the Lifetime of the host pass or make it configurable. There are times when you'll have extended engagements with vendors and need more than a day for them to complete work.

2. For the permissions, allow the host to pick from a list of existing roles to further limit the permission of hosts using the Host Pass feature.

3. Restrict the ability to use the host pass feature based on role (role-based permission)

Pending Review

multiple branding over one server

Paul Hugues 2 days ago 0

A partner asked us to provide support for their customers using our infrastructure while using their name. We would like to be able to offer multiple branding over one Control server.

for example:

main.support could bring our branded page for support

client1.support could bring a client branded page for the support we are provinding to them

client2.support could bring another branded page for the support we are provinding to them


Under Review

Show private IP and MAC in web info panel

Crosby Loggins 9 months ago • updated by Joshua Fredrickson 2 days ago 11

Although it's obviously possible to obtain this information via the remote console, it would be very helpful if the web portal general info tab included the private IPs and associated MAC addresses of Internet connected interfaces on the remote machine.

The public IP is nice, but private would be more immediately useful in most cases. And most PSAs and RMMs require the MAC and or Serial of remote machines for database sync purposes...

Better yet, give us the ability to customize what info is displayed there through scripting, etc maybe?



Allow session groups to be sorted alphabetically

MSN 4 months ago • updated by Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) 2 days ago 2

Allow session groups to be sorted alphabetically (without having to sort manually). There could be an option to always display session groups alphabetically or there could be a one-off "Sort alphabetically now" option.


An extension was released this morning that will allow you to sort sessions and session groups alphabetically.


Pending Review

SmarterTrack integration plugin

Brian 3 days ago 0

Please create a plugin for integration with

SmarterTrack Helpdesk software.


Pending Review

An option for the client to block or disable ConnectWise Control

Christian Malcolm 2 weeks ago • updated by Jim Redfearn 3 days ago 2

We have clients with the ConnectWise remote access agent installed that would like to have the option to disable the remote access feature.

Many of the machines we monitor are personal computers, and so it's not unreasonable for them to want an option to be able to block access.

How can this be enabled?

Kind Regards,
Christian Malcolm


Open Tabs from service board menu

dmulfinger 2 weeks ago • updated by Kirsten Martinez (Business Analyst) 1 week ago 1

Please allow opening in new tab with right click menu or middle mouse click on a ticket "summary description" in service board list. I need to keep my service board up and open tickets I am working on in new tabs rather than having to go back to the service board every time.



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